Areas of focus

As a professional trainer, Anand offers training services around two other areas - Supervisors/ Leadership, and Presenters/ Trainers.

Athough 'stand-alone', they have overlaps with Service Management.
These workshops are then set within the larger context of the 'Customer Service' related initiatives that they are anyway engaged in.

Supervisors/ Leadership

There are two main lines of work Anand has done in this area -
  • Leadership 'course': a long-term leadership programme (i.e. not a one-off workshop) with training sessions interspersed with assignments/ projects, and ending in some form of certification.

  • Service Leadership: a workshop specifically aimed at helping supervisors and managers of service organisations manage their leadership/ people roles effectively.
Anand now offers a blended approach to Leadership Development - amalgamating the best of both the training and coaching methodologies. This makes the programme highly effective - results are maximised, while costs are kept at a manageable level.

Presenters/ Trainers

Anand has offered very successful workshops in two areas -
  • Training trainers - working with young trainers (also line managers) to help them be more effective

  • Presentation, facilitation skills for senior managers