Client testimonials

Listed here are some quotes from Anand's associates, clients and students - they talk about the kind of work he does, his strengths and the value he brings to the engagement.

Anurag Bahadur, Avaya, Pune
N.V. Balachandar, Madura Garments, Bangalore
Jamie Binkley, Oracle EBS Support, Orlando FL
Rahul Chaubey, GE Energy, Bangalore
Samir Dhond, HP, Bangalore
Vijay Geddam, Vodafone, Bangalore
PG, Head of Investment Banking Operations of a global Bank, Asia Pacific Region
Medi Goker, Oracle EBS Support, Orlando FL
V.S. Mahesh, The University of Buckingham, UK
Arun Mansukhani, Vodafone, Mumbai
Mary Moore, Oracle EBS Support, Colorado Springs, CO
Balasundara Raj, Oracle, Bangalore
JW, Head of Training Academy of a global Bank, Asia Pacific Region

"Prof. Anand Kasturi's Customer service orientation trainings with the Avaya GSD team in India have been crucial in enhancing the customer management capabilities across all levels in the team. We have had workshops on 'Professional Customer Engagement' for new hires, 'Handling Difficult Customer Situations' for senior engineers and 'Winning with Service' for managers. Each of these workshops have been successful in orienting the team towards a customer service culture. One of the key aspects of Anand's workshop-style is to gain 'local understanding' of the issues on hand at the client organization and while maintaining the content and structure of the workshop, he is able to bring up the local nuances and point to possible solutions.

As mentioned by one of the engineers who attended the 'Handling Difficult Customer Situations' workshop : "Just keep inviting this Instructor (Mr. Anand Kasturi)..."

Anurag Bahadur
Manager Business Planning and Operations, Global Services Delivery
Avaya, Pune

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"Anand has significantly helped our customers breathe better. The 'Customer First' initiative has enabled our organisation become more sensitive to people and highly cognizant of processes.

Apart from training initiatives he strives to help the organisation sustain its service program thro knowledge-sharing, feedback, experience and research support. His ownership of the program is commendable."

N V Balachandar
Head - Human Resources
Madura Garments, Bangalore

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"How do you reach a goal that no action list or project plan will allow you to achieve?In the case of our 1300 person Customer Support organization, we chose Dr. Anand Kasturi to lead us ... mind, body and soul.

Employing his own special way of guiding us through introspection, goal settingand organizational commitment, Dr. Anand led us through a year-long effort that began with a lot of analysis and even more gut checking. This culminated in our team not only achieving, but exceeding our goals. The results are a significant improvement in our Customer Satisfaction Survey performance.

Without his presence and leadership, we would not have achieved the results we did. Dr. Anand proved himself a committed partner and catalyst for change. Bravo!"

Jamie Binkley
Sr Director, Global E-Business Support
Oracle Support Services, Orlando FL

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"Anand's course was an amazing experience, I'll rate this as among the top 3 courses I have taken up in last 2 years. Through every session, I was bombarded with so many ideas that I can apply to my work place to improve things. At the end of every 3 hour session I had around 15 items added to my to-do list. I had an amazing time during the session.

Apart from the very relevant content and experience Anand brought to the course, one of the key drivers for this, were Anand's energy and charge."

Rahul Chaubey
Project Manager
GE Energy, Bangalore
[PGSEM student at IIM B]

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"I have known Anand professionally for the past 6 years. What I like about Anand is his ability to grasp what the organization needs. He then designs and delivers those interventions in a highly interactive style, with panache that is liked by participants instantly.

I like the no show, no frill way of his delivery. I liked the content of Anand's modules since it's easy to understand and practice. I have benefited immensely from interacting with him. If you want a development intervention that is solid in content and down to earth and yet appealing to your audience, you ought to go to Anand."

Samir Dhond
Global Manager - Workforce Development & Organisational Engagement
HP India

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"I have known Anand Kasturi for 4 years. During this period he has been central to our organisation transformation into a culture of customer centricity.

He helped change mindsets of many through simple but high impact inputs.

The great thing about Anand is that he uses our own issues as a course material and brings about change....he is not telling theory."

Vijay Geddam
Head Marketing
Vodafone Karnataka

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"Your contribution to our training program has been significant.

Your ability to relate the topics back to real life situations has meant that it has touched many people in the region.

It is a long journey but would be longer if you were not involved."

Global Head, GM Cash and Commodities Operations
Regional Head, IB Operations - Asia Pacific
a global Bank

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One year ago we decided to revitalize our customer focus by reworking on our service culture. At that point we had engaged Dr. Anand Kasturi to be part of a special committee to lead the path and "hand-hold" our competencies through this cultural journey. Under his leadership and tutelage, our complete workforce was energized again with several campaigns, workshops, motivational multi media materials and assessment tools.

Dr. Kasturi , not only understood our needs, he worked with us gently yet expertly, to ensure that our transformation is institutionalized. His industry knowledge, energy in delivery, responsiveness and professionalism enabled him to be a key driver in our recent success in customer satisfaction scores. We are looking forward to continue to work with him as we aim to deliver more to our customers.

Thank you Anand, for your partnership, innovation and unyielding passion for service.

Medi Goker
Vice President, Global E-Business Support
Oracle, Orlando FL

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"Anand and I have worked together for many years now - in India, Seychelles and UK - on a range of assignments focusing on enabling organisations (and a whole country) to institutionalise service ethos.

In my book, he is without doubt one of the best trainers in the world. Backed by his transparent integrity, a highly creative mind and impeccable qualifications, he has proved himself to be a major asset for organisations that have utilised his services to become high quality service organisations"

V. S. Mahesh
Course Director, Service Management
The University of Buckingham, UK

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"I've experienced Anand's training at a very personal level. Being a participant at one level and then a programme organizer at another, have both been very enriching interactions.

As a participant, I have witnessed Anand using simple, easy to understand, yet highly articulate and effective methodologies. When I'm trying to help him get his programmes organized, he is certainly one of the nicest guys I know! No fuss, always willing to be flexible and always looking at the things from the clients point of view!

He is the master at getting the concept right, providing brilliant training design and induces organizational implementation while following up with the necessary check points for a clean finish.

At the highest level though, Anand's greatest skill would certainly lie in a very "execution based" training methodology where he is with great agility able to criss cross senior management training needs along with the most junior level ones! Pure magic in the workplace is the result!"

Arun A Mansukhani
General Manager, Human Resources
Vodafone, Mumbai

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There is a quote that I like by William James that states “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” With the guidance and leadership of Dr. Anand Kasturi, our organization did just that . . . we altered our Customer Satisfaction by altering our attitude.

At the start of this journey, I expected Anand to come in, evaluate our situation and give us a step-by-step action plan to move forward to achieve higher Customer Satisfaction results. Yes he definitely could have done that, but that method would not have achieved the desired results of changing our attitude and core beliefs about Customer Satisfaction. Anand’s method presents situations, ideas and research that makes you reflect, internalize and think about things in a different manner and before you know it you have changed. The other factor that I admire so greatly about Anand is that he learned about our organization, customers and concerns before he started us on this journey. I have always looked at Anand as part of our Team and with his mentorship; we raised our Customer Satisfaction Score across our organization from 72.1% in FY06Q4 to 80.7% by FY07Q4. Thank you!

Mary Moore
Sr Director, Global E-Business Support
Oracle Support Services, Colorado Springs, CO

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"Anand has a very good command on the subject and did an excellent job during the training by presenting it in such a way that everyone could relate and appreciate. It was lots of fun too.."

Balasundara Raj
Group Manager, Product Support

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"Dr Anand Kasturi started the Learning Journey with IB Operations Asia Pacific in the eary 2007 and within a short time frame, has acquired a big fan club in the organisation. He is an expert trainer in the field of "Customer Service" and has excellent delivering style. His sessions are always interactive and engaging with the audience and it is evident that he is extremely passonate about his work. Always happy to work with a professional like him."

Director, Learning Programme
Investment Banking Operations - Asia Pacific
a global Bank, Singapore

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