Research and Teaching

  • Anand's PhD thesis titled "Delivering Service at Call Centres" is focused on the effective call centre agent. Anand studied agents and their performance at two research sites - one in India and the other in the UK.

  • Anand has taught and supervised Masters-level student projects both in India (IIM Bangalore) and the UK (University of Buckingham) in the area of Service Management. These projects cover a wide range of industries - telecom, auto finance, banking, retail, leisure travel and internal services to employees.

  • For 10 years between 1994 and 2004, Anand ran a highly sought-after workshop for passing-out MBA students at the School of Management Studies, Cochin University - preparing them to effectively face work life ahead.


He has authored and co-authored papers on the subject of service management.

  • Kasturi, Anand (1996) Working at it - there's more to service than meets the eye. Praxis V1 N2, Oct-Dec, pp68 - 73

  • Kasturi, Anand (1996) Are You Being Served? Management Review V8 N1, Jan-Mar, pp40 - 49

  • Kasturi, Anand (2003) Internal Processes in Services and Customer Relationships. Management Review V15 N3, Sep, pp82 - 88

  • Ojha, Abhoy K, and Kasturi, Anand (2005) 'Successful' Call Centre Employees: Understanding Employee Attributes and Performance Evaluation Processes. Management Review V17 N2, Jun, pp 93 - 102

  • Mahesh, V S, and Kasturi, Anand (2006) Improving Call Centre Agent Performance: a UK-India study based on the agents' point of view. International Journal of Service Industry Management V17 N2, pp 136 - 157


Anand has addressed diverse groups of professionals at events, such as
  • IT professionals at the VSLI Design and Test Workshop 2002
  • Young upcoming cricketers at the National Cricket Academy 2004
  • Students and faculty at The University of Buckingham 2004 (with Dr Tony Lawson)
  • Students and faculty at Cornell University 2004
  • CIOs at a conference organised by CyberMedia India 2005
  • Students and faculty of the Design School at Stanford University 2007
Anand is a part of the founding team at the Centre for Research, Education and Audit in Management of Service [CREAM of Service] at the University of Buckingham, UK. He also served on the Board of Governors of the RPG Institute of Retail Management.