Service Management

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Anand has deep expertise in working with organisations in the area of 'Customer Service Management'. In 2007, he was presented a 'Customer Service Guru' award from Oracle Corporation.

His work with clients spans three broad areas -
  1. Facilitating transformation programmes, creating leadership consensus
  2. Empowering operations managers with tools
  3. Cascading workshops to create shared alignments, mindsets

Transformation programme

In a 2008 global study, IBM found that the #1 challenge for change management was 'mindsets and attitudes'. And that the two most effective solution strategies were 'Senior Management Sponsorship' and 'Employee Involvement'.

Anand has facilitated 'action workshops' with leadership teams (starting at the top) of many organisations - that have led to institutionalisation of customer-centricity within the organisation.

Empower managers with service management tools

A central challenge to customer centricity is that everything about it sounds like 'common sense' and simple. But, as every seeker of a healthy life who's been told 'eat better, exercise more' knows - 'simple' is not always 'easy'!

Managers need specific tools and methods to make customer-centricity a reality at the workplace. Anand brings to the table a treasure-trove of proven practical tips and techniques - robust because they are based on a meld of services management body of knowledge, and real-life success stories.

Create shared alignments, mindsets

Organisations with existing customer centricity programmes would require all employees to get 'on board', to align to the idea of customer centricity, to work with mindsets orientated towards customers.

With Anand's workshops designed to help reflect, brainstorm, share, and commit ... the organisation's goals are faster and easier achieved.